Protein Crystallography and Biophysics Centre (BiophysX)
Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology (ISMB)
Birkbeck College / University College London

The Protein Crystallography Laboratory offers a full suite of facilities and support enabling each user to study the structure of macromolecules, including challenging projects on membrane proteins, DNA/RNA complexes etc by means mainly of X-ray crytallography. We provide the facilities, equipment and advice to guide each user through the whole process from oprimising the sample, crystallising and getting the structure, up to interpreting the structural model.

An SPT Labtech Mosquito LCP is available for setting vapour diffusion experiments, supported by a formulator (Formulatrix) liquid handler as well as additional robotics equipment for setting up easilty, reliably and fast crystallisation experiments.

The two temperature controlled crystallisation rooms at 20oC and 4oC are equiped with crystal growth monitoring hotels with the possibility for remote inspections through a web browser. Additional incubators for setting up experiemtnst at different temperatures are available.

While a Rigaku X-ray generator (Micromax - 007 HF) equiped with a Saturn 944 CCD detectors is available, most of our data collection is taking place at synchrotron facilities and mainly at the Diamond Light Source, ESRF Grenoble and EMBL-Hamburg Petra III. Our BAG includes research teams from Birkbeck and UCL as well as groups from other institutes in London. We access both protein crystallography and SAXS beamlines.

The Laborotory provides also computing assistance in terms of determining crystal structures as also refininement, model building and interpretation. 

ISMB Protein Crystallography and Biophysics Centre, Birkbeck, University of London
Last modified April 2021