Protein Crystallography and Biophysics Centre (BiophysX)
Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology (ISMB)
Birkbeck College / University College London

The protein crystallography laboratory is equipped for the set up of crystallization trays, crystal monitoring and harvesting. In detail:

Liquid handling equipment:
MultiPROBE II liquid handler (Perkin Elmer). The old liquid handler for setting up four corner screens mainly on deep well plates. It's rather obsolete

Formulator Liquid handler (Formulatrix). The new liquid handler that can set up custom screens in any plate (from 96 well crystallization plates up to deep well plates. It's the main instrument for setting up custom plates.

Hydra-96 Micro dispenser (Art Robbins). A 96 syringe liquid handler for setting up 96-well crystallisation plates from 96-deep well blocks.

Liquidator 96 (Mettler Toledo). A manual dispenser alternative to Hydra-96. It's faster as it doesn't require washes, however is less accurate.

Micro dispenser
Mosquito LCP (SPT Labtech). It's our main instrument for setting up crystallization trays in a HTP mode. There are a lot of options and protocols for several applications including the set up of LCP plates.

UVEX-256 (swissci). Our main imaging system working at the 20C crystallization room. It is equipped with 5x-20x bright-field lenses, UV and polarisers. It works with several plates , including hanging drop ones. Monitoring is accessible through a web application (through Birkbeck VPN only).

Desktop Minsterl UV and Gallery 160 Plate hotel (Rigaku). The system is not supported anymore, however it is still functional and is working in the 4C crystallization room.

Leica M165 microscope with imaging camera and monitor (for high res photos). Includes a polariser
Leica M3Z microscope
Nikon MSZ-2B microscope (3x). Include polarisers

X-ray equipment
Rigaku MM007HFM with Saturn 944 CCD. The equipment is obsolete and it is not used anymore.

Synchrotron related equipment
The lab is equipped with several dry-shipper dewars for sending crystals to synchrotrons. We have a well organized bench with all the necessary cryo-tools, containers and pucks for efficiently harvesting crystals. 

ISMB Protein Crystallography and Biophysics Centre, Birkbeck, University of London
Last modified April 2021